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Big Ass Tease

I tried to subscribe to a website called “Big Ass Tease”; I didn’t have enough money so they emailed me to tell me I had insufficient funds. Talk about irony…



cavalierrr asked: sam, are you still on facebook?

Nope. I tried sending you some photo’s a while back (not sure how), but never got a reply.

I like to imagine this car as a really stack women…

I like to imagine this car as a really stack women…

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I can’t even figure this underwear out, it just draws me in with it’s gaze

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Elly mayday

YAS I love big ladies


I’m in love omg

This women is guilty of being too ridiculously hot; sentence : my diiiiiiiick!

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Tokyo.sora (2002) a Hiroshi Ishikawa film.

Asian young Keanu Reeves.

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Forgot about this one.

Forgot about this one.


I like when people rip on fat women that look good. It’s like hi, she is about ten times the size of you, yet still has a perfectly taut butt, killer curves and a banging face. You don’t have to be fat to be attractive (the same as you don’t need long hair, or to wear dresses or any other crap that our culture immortalises as attractive)

I’m just saying, stop before you rip on someone that is fat. You might actually have some pretty bad flaws yourself.



Good day is good, im tired

Man Love for the Beard.


Big summer coming up. Everything has decided to shit itself in the wake of all this heat, so cooling has become a priority. Look-out for loud blowy things and ultimate mods!